ETPB properties abandoned by the district administration are successfully recovered

The Rawalpindi district administration, in collaboration with the local police, successfully recovered commercial properties owned by the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) in a recent joint effort, according to reports dated December 11.

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 These properties, estimated to be worth billions of rupees, reclaimed in compliance with Supreme Court directives regarding illegally occupied ETPB assets.

Located on Tipu Road and Hafeez Road in Rawalpindi, these vacant properties cover an area of 108 kanals of commercial land. This land valued at over PKR 4 billion collectively. The retrieval process strictly followed legal procedures to address the issue of unlawful occupation of ETPB properties, ensuring a systematic and lawful approach.

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A spokesperson from the district administration, whose identity remained undisclosed. He emphasized the mobilization of all available resources to facilitate the rightful transfer of these commercial properties.

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