Capital Smart City Map

Capital Smart City Map, powered by, is the one exemplary approach. It would create ease for the investors to choose the location of their own interest. As you can now detect and scrutinize even the location of your plot.  just like the society itself, is innovative and unique in all aspects.

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is Pakistan’s first smart city. Backed by Habib Rafiq (Private) Limited, Capital Smart City is going to set a new standard for the word “Advancement”. It’s going to be the pioneer of advanced and international standard societies in Pakistan.

Now you can see Capital Smart City Map, Powered by, including actual location of site, blocks and even plots directly from Google Maps through Seerab’s location verification service.

Seerab is a firm that offers consultancy, training and counseling in GIS, BIM, CAD, SDS, Data Analytic, Geo-Analytic & Interactive Data Visualization. It strives to reduce the gap between theory/academics and practical industry. It’s serving the Real Estate in Pakistan with new dynamic.  Through Seerab Maps, agents and clients can view, analyze and visualize their properties right from single click or touch. Geographical Information Science & Systems is a new technology in Pakistan that is introduced by

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