5 Reasons Why Countryside Farms is the Best Place In Pakistan

Countryside Farms Islamabad is the most remarkable farmhouse project in the world of real estate. It seeks to give a luxurious atmosphere within natural settings that include fresh air, grass, and farming. Furthermore, the project’s major goal is to provide its residents with a close-to-nature and fuss lifestyle. This blog is will explore 5 Reasons Why Countryside Farms is the Best Place In Pakistan.

Countryside Farms stands out in the competition by offering world-class amenities including a 350 Kanal Club, an artificial lake, an independent living center, and organic stores. It offers a large business club with all of the latest facilities. The society’s distinctive features include a gated community, medical health centers, solar systems, and 24-hour security systems.

It will also be loaded with goat farms for fresh and biological meat, dairy milk, farm chickens, organic fruits and vegetables, and so on. The project’s theme-based blocks and eco-friendly atmosphere will undoubtedly improve your quality of life.

List of 5 Reasons Why Countryside Farms is the Best Place In Pakistan

The project is all about living a life that brings you closer to nature than you’ve ever been. The Countryside Farms is ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. Following is the list of 5 reasons why Countryside Farms is the Best Place in Pakistan:

1.     Theme-based Blocks

Countryside Farms is endowed with lavish and exotic living standards and divided into five theme-based blocks. Based on the unique concept, each block will reflect its own distinct traits. The blocks are as follows:

Countryside Farms Winchester Block

Countryside Farms’ Winchester Block is themed around shooting. This block has a special space for games where kids may have a good time while maintaining their mental and physical health. As a result, it is the greatest location for extracurricular activities. There are also vast green parks where families can enjoy themselves.

Countryside Farms Amazon Block

The Amazon Block of Countryside Farms is themed after the Amazon jungle. It will provide you with a fantastic wildlife experience. The entire jungle theme would be a fun experience for the residents.

Countryside Farms Venus Block

The Venus Block of Countryside Farms is themed after an artificial lake. You can enjoy the splendor of aquatic life and relax away from the city’s hustle and bustle life in the natural environment of the block. Furthermore, it is a unique fishing location where a variety of species may be caught.

Countryside Farms Polo Block

Countryside Farms’ Polo Block is centered around the theme of polo. The game is played by emperors and monarchs, and this block is designed to evoke the same extravagance. This block also provides a luxurious location on a countryside farm.

Countryside Farms Royal Block

The Royal Block of Countryside Farms is themed around golf. It has an elegant Golf Course on 110 Kanal that is every golfer’s dream. It is also an incredible place for outdoor activities. In addition, the Royal Block meets all international standards.

2.     Exceptional Amenities

A number of cutting-edge facilities are available at Countryside Farms that are unparalleled by any other society. The list of exceptional facilities is as follows:

Organic shop

Countryside Farms provides an incredible deal to its homeowners. Any organic product produced at the farmhouse, including meat, vegetables, fruits, milk, or eggs, can be sold in the society’s organic shops. Fresh organic goods would be available in the community in this way, and the locals could also make good money.

Birds Aviary

Along with other cutting-edge ideas, Countryside Farms also offers a birds’ aviary where you can listen to exotic birds’ pleasant chirping. It can enrich your downtime and increase your sense of connection to nature. The aviary will attract birds from all over the world, creating a beautiful countryside landscape.

Archery Area

Countryside Farms has also set aside a sizable space for shooting and archery along with other outdoor adventures. It is the ideal location for those who enjoy participating in outdoor activities.

Safari Zoo

By signing freely an MOU with a South African company, an area of 100 Kanal has been assigned to Safari Zoo. It would offer the remarkable sense of being in a wide-open jungle where various species can roam in their native habitat.

Water parks

In collaboration with a Turkish firm, Countryside Farms is also presenting the concept of water parks. The park will be a fun area with water play features including swimming pools, water slides, water playgrounds, and lazy rivers where you may float and bathe peacefully.

Grand Jamia Masjid

Malik Zahoor Mosque is the best piece of architecture of Countryside Farms. It features an outstanding interior that beautifully depicts the fusion of Islamic and Mughal architectural design. Furthermore, the mosque can accommodate about 80,000 people at a time. It is also centrally air-conditioned and provides an exceptional spiritual experience.


There is a large space set aside for the open gym so that Countryside Farms residents may live a healthy and fit lifestyle. The gym will also be equipped with the latest equipment for the convenience of inhabitants.

3.     State-of-the-art Master Plan

The society provides exceptional features at reasonable prices. Countryside Farms masterplan is unique, and it is the ideal opportunity to invest for people looking for profitable options. Moreover, this project can accommodate farmhouses of 4, 5, and 10 Kanal. The society is the most luxurious in the twin cities, spanning over 3500 Kanal. The society has two major entrances, 50 feet and 150 feet wide, from Basali Road and Chakbeli Road, respectively. The new Ring Road Interchange will be only 0.5 kilometers from the major boulevard of 150 feet. Other boulevards will be 90-120 feet wide, with a roadway 50 feet wide. In addition, all boulevards, streets, and roads will have smart technology.

4.     Ideal Location

Countryside Farms Islamabad location is very ideal. It is conveniently located less than a kilometer from the first Ring Road intersection. The peace that country life gives, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and easy accessibility to the important locations of the city, is what makes this place so desirable. It is only 14 kilometers from Giga Mall and 7-8 kilometers from GT Road. Also, Islamabad International Airport is about 33 kilometers away from Ring Road.

5.     Easy Access

Countryside Farms Islamabad is easily accessible from the following city landmarks:

  • It’s only a 1 minute drive from Rawat Chakbeli Road.
  • It is about a 9 minute drive from Rawalpindi’s Grand Trunk Road.
  • Kallar Syedan Road is about a 14 minute drive away.
  • The Islamabad Expressway is about a 16 minute drive away.
  • It is about a 15 minute drive from Kahuta Road.
  • The distance from Islamabad International Airport is about 51 minutes.


Countryside Farms Islamabad is a lavish housing project that is under development with the goal of giving its residents an exceptional lifestyle, rich facilities, and a better living experience away from the city’s hustle and bustle. life. Furthermore, the society is a heaven that combines the beauty of nature with a safe and secure lifestyle. The developers are working hard to create a space that meets the demands of every individual. It will be a community where you may find all of life’s great pleasures. It also has the most affordable rates with the potential for a high return on investment.

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